The project started as a demo reel/lighting design piece for Ryan Atkins, of only a two page script. Ryan has a hobby in writing and felt inspired to write this short scene based on several strong female characters who displayed a variety of interesting characteristics. He cast two actors for his scene - David Weiner and Jennifer Karum (Goodman). Ryan wanted to showcase a female detective interrogating a sketchy suspect. 

He felt having a female interrogating a male was an interesting situation, given many movies and TV shows had previous showcased male detectives and that it was more suspenseful with a female who is unpredictable in her actions. 

One puzzle piece that Ryan added to the character is she often wore men's clothing, to showcase the masculine part of her personality. She showcased her own display of 'gender equality' by wearing men's clothing, specifically a blue men's button down shirt which later plays an integral part in the story. Through the inspirations discusses and this key part, "Conrad" was born and the theme of 'Women Empowerment' was very present and plays a key role in today's society.


Ryan and Jennifer collaborated on the script for a short time until 
Ryan realized Jennifer's passion for writing and realized she had greater ideas than he could conceptualize. She ended up helming the script, expanding the story to several seasons, and created intriguing characters while keeping true to the core elements. 

With the pilot and series in general, the Cast and Crew intend to shed light on several political forces, societal challenges, and hope spread a message to women that they are no less capable than men but also to focus on gender equality. We are all equal and we come from all walks of life. If you put your mind to it, you can achieve unlimited success. 

We have two seasons of a bible. Our story leads down a twisted path touching upon immigration and illegal activity that is brought to life as Katy digs deeper in the trenches.

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