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Conrad is a unique crime/drama centered around Kate Conrad, (Jennifer A. Goodman), who is a police officer on the autism spectrum. Kate works in a male dominant Police Force, where her father, Michael Conrad (Eric Roberts) serves as Chief of Police.


After Kate serves as a resource for a little girl, who is a victim of domestic abuse and rape, Kate receives a promotion to detective. But before the celebration can begin, Kate is faced with the announcement her dad is dead and it being deemed a ‘suicide’. 

Stricken by the abrupt loss of her father and role model, Kate is surrounded by doubt that her father's death was in fact, a suicide. Kate won't accept that as truth and will go to all ends to prove otherwise.


But first, Kate becomes engulfed in a crime case involving two immigrant boys, in which evidence to the case peaks her interest, and is disregarded by the rest of the task force.


This, and the reason behind Michael's death becomes the centerfold of a twisted journey. Kate finds herself fighting the judicial system in an effort to prove herself, her beliefs and what she knows is right in a world of hatred, and criminal underground.


During her investigation, Kate begins to discover some unknown truths about herself and what really happened in her past.

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