The story touches on Human trafficking, Immigration, & focuses on women empowerment. We have a social media following 8,000+ who are excited about the show without them having seen more than a couple trailers/teasers! Our goal is distribution on a network! Check the articles on our show below!

Inclusion Statement

Our creator is on the Autism Spectrum, but everyone brings enthusiasm and the energy is palpable on the team! We’re adamant about bringing awareness to a project that empowers women, is inclusive of many different people from different backgrounds and sends a strong message to audiences all over.

About The Project


With known actors like Eric Roberts, and Harry Lennix as part of the show, "Conrad" starts as a Chicago based crime drama, action thriller web series created by Jennifer A. Karum (Goodman) and Ryan Atkins that centers on women empowerment, and touches on immigration and human trafficking. Throughout the series, the show takes us to NYC all the way to China as we dive deeper into the story.

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