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Born and raised in a northern suburb of Chicago, Jennifer Ashley Karum (Goodman) graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University with a B.A. in Theatre (although English was her intended major) where she spent most her time performing on stage. So it made sense that she would pursue her dream of acting!

When Jennifer landed the lead role in a short film, her passion for writing came back in full force! She inquired with the writer (Ryan Atkins) about being allowed to make the story longer by adding to the storyline. Upon Ryan's agreement to allow Jennifer to add to the story, Conrad was born and so were the many areas of Jennifer's contributions!

As a Casting Director, Jennifer made sure she found the best possible actors to bring the story to life! As a producer she works hard to find budget friendly locations that not only add to the script but helps to showcase each location as well! She works hard to create amazing fundraising events as well as utilizing her enthusiasm and sales experience to gain social media exposure! Striving in staying true to her love of writing, Jennifer is always working hard on finding ways to make the script even stronger and had enrolled in Aaron Sorkin's 'Script Writing' Master Class!

With over a year of experience, Jennifer has developed a strong skill in producing and has been extremely happy with the collaboration of her team. She, Jessica Lawson, and Ryan Atkins run Conrad Series, LLC. Every day is a learning experience and she is excited to soak as much as she can to make Conrad a reality. 

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